Why a Frozen Orange?


The Meaning Behind The Name: The Frozen Orange Society

The Frozen Orange Society came to life 5 days after getting admitted to Walden Behavioral Care’s Eating Disorder Residential Program… for my 4th and FINAL stay (I pray).

If you or a loved one has ever struggled with an Eating Disorder, I am 100% sure you already know the theory behind the Frozen Orange.

There is one in every freezer, of every hospital, treatment center and home where Eating Disorders are present. For those of you who are unfamiliar, let me explain.

Psychological Studies on Distress Tolerance have proven that using your 5 senses can trigger an immediate reverse effect on your mental state. In moments of severe distress, panic, anxiousness, and heightened anxiety, a sudden change to one of the 5 senses could literally slow your body down.

In the case of the frozen orange, two senses are triggered, sight and touch, the latter being the more effective of the two.

Sight: The color orange in psychology is known the be the color of rejuvenation, warmth, and happiness. It is a combination of the stimulating red and cheerful yellow.

Touch: This is the fun part! When a human enters into a distressed state, the body temperature rises. Blood pressure elevates as stress and anxiety escalate. However, when this human reaches for a frozen orange (or frozen anything), the immediate shock of the coldness sends a signal to the brain. In response, the brain is tricked into thinking the body is frozen and prepares for a potential state of hypothermia… meaning it slows the heart rate down! Down goes the heart rate, the anxiousness… and on and on.

How Brilliant is That?!?! Science has literally found a way to trick the mind back into regular operation!

Anyways.. its worked for me, and its worked for everyone I know who have felt the urges, anxiousness, and triggers around food.

I would like to formally Welcome You to The Frozen Orange Society. We are 100% COMMITTED to the Fight Against Eating Disorders. As we rage war against ED, we are also here to support each other, share stories, give knowledge and Offer Hugs Galore!

You Are Not Alone. Recovery Is Possible. I am Proof

-The Frozen Orange Society


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