Hire Kristen: Motivational Speaker, Mentor and Writer

Speaking Engagements and Interviews

Kristen Rich, founder of The Frozen Orange Society, conducts seminars, speaking engagements, and interviews across a wide array of Eating Disorder topics.

Conference: Bogota, Colombia

Her energy, honesty, and incite has brought deeper emotional understanding to Healthcare Professionals, Communities, and Families.

While research and statistics offer much knowledge in understanding the disorders… its only when we hear it from the horse’s mouth, that deeper understanding prevails.

An eating-disordered mind is beyond complex, with roots that grow in a million directions. It is of utmost importance to Kristen that the severity of this disease is both known and understood.

When lecturing on the subject of Eating Disorders, medical input and professional opinions are key to better practices. However, if one is to gain a deeper understanding of ED, there has to be significant driving force behind their need to know.

In other words, if you want a message to stick, the audience has to be personally touched by the message. Kristen offers just that. Through storytelling and personal engagement, she creates a vivid picture of a life living with ED – the emotional rollercoasters, mood swings, impulsivity, compulsivity, and utter numbness that this horrible disease creates.

When seeing the struggles through the eyes of a survivor, only then can feel the emotion within ourselves… and only then can we develop a need for change.

If you are interested in booking Kristen to Speak, please email a request to info@thefrozenorangesociety.com

Mentorship Opportunities

Recovery Exists, and Kristen is living Proof. It took her 10+ years to discovery this truth as she battled with anorexia/bulimia. For too long, Kristen listened to people tell her, “Full recovery does not Exist. It will be a lifelong battle.”

In the darkest hours of her disease, it was hard to believe otherwise. Until one day a 21 year old Mental Health Councilor (day 2 of her new internship at the Residential Program) asked Kristen to check her resources.

Freelance Writer and Professional Blogger

Kristen also works as a professional Freelance Writer/Blogger for several clients including a list of mental wellness sites. She also works with contractual agreements for travel websites. For more details and/or writing samples, please contact Kristen at info@thefrozenorangesociety.com