Our Mission

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“With The Frozen Orange Society, You Are NOT ALONE in Your Fight Against Your Eating Disorder.” – Kristen Rich, Founder of TFOS.

The Frozen Orange Society, or #TFOS, is an educational and inspirational blog that addresses the process of Eating Disorder Recovery with Knowledge, Humor, and Motivational Tones.

Through humor, real-life situations and examples,  knowledge, and guidance, The Frozen Orange Society helps those still in question – or in denial – to better Identify with an eating disorder disease.

Our blog approach aims to bring comfort to those Suffering In Silence, by bringing to light, and making public information of some of the darkest, embarrassing, and most shameful aspects of an eating disorder. We hope that, by reading our personal confessions, you REALIZE our own strength and acceptance. In return, we hope that YOU TOO may be strong enough to open up about your disease.

Recover From an Eating Disorder, solid foundation, TFOS, The Frozen Orange Society
You cannot build an Empire without a Solid Foundation. Recover From an Eating Disorder, and the Whole World Could Be Yours for the Taking.

Acknowledge, Accept, Come Clean to Your Chosen Support System, and Take The Necessary Steps towards Recovery.

We will be here for you throughout your entire journey – To Laugh with you, cry with you, guide you, commend you, and just overall… make sure you know that…




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