How It Began

Welcome the Frozen Orange Society!

My name is Kristen, and I suffered from an Eating IMG_4013Disorder for 12+ years.

I have done the work: Inpatient Hospitalization, Residential Programs, Partial Programs, Intensive Outpatient, and team after team after team of therapists, nutritionists, psychiatrists… hypnotists, holistic doctors… blah blah you name it!

I tried EVERYTHING. I learned the art (sadly) of being a “semi-functional ED Suffer,” although that was always temporary… lasting about 3 months or so before I began isolating in my apartment for days restricting or binging and purging until I passed out. Like clockwork, it always ended up that way). I went through 100 career changes… always chasing after elephants. I made and lost a million friends… and intimate relationships? Forget it. They all sucked, because I sucked and all I deserved was a “jobless, friendless, sucky-boyfriend” kind of life.

I road that damn rollercoaster a million times.

I knew the timing until I reached the top, and I knew the plunge that followed immediately after. I knew every twist, every loop, and I knew how fast it went and how long it was. Worst of all, I knew it always ended up RIGHT BACK WHERE IT STARTED… and yet… I JUST GOT RIGHT BACK ON… over and over again.

After 10+ years something finally STRUCK ME. I hit rock bottom, I think… or maybe I was nauseous and had a headache from the stupid rollercoaster ride. Regardless, IT GOT OLD. I needed something new and I was sick of riding something that didn’t actually bring me anywhere.

I needed a new thrill, so I actually gave recovery a try, and after doing the same thing for over a decade… the thrill of recovery felt Good. 

And Here I Am. I’m not going to go as far to say I am 100% “fixed.” ED Recovery is a very very very unsteady Uphill Battle.

What’s that saying? … “Fall Down 7 Times, Stand up 8”

Well, I’ve taken a good amount of steps as of now… and I’m proud to say that at this moment, I’m literally Dancing.



xoxo, Kristen R. – Founder, The Frozen Orange Society



3 thoughts on “How It Began

    1. What a wonderful thing to say! If you are struggling, you are stronger than you may currently feel. Change that core belief. Positively affirm yourself over and over again everyday. It may not stick at first, but fake it to make it! FACT: What you say out loud, will soon become a belief… And a belief will then become a reality! Be your own hero! I’ve got your back if you ever need anything xoxo – kristen


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