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Calling all mouthy know-it-alls, game-changers, fearless felines, badass MoFos, and overall “I say what I want” kind of folks!

The Frozen Orange Society needs your support!

In order for us to make a MAJOR IMPACT, we need to EXPAND AND GROW! The more people we reach, the closer we will get to #EndEDStigma and #BeatED! This means advocacy, support, service, and CHANGE!

The Frozen Orange Society is a fast growing community that plans to make a rather OBNOXIOUSLY LARGE impact on Society in the fight against Eating Disorders.

But this cannot be done without YOU.

Here is how you can help:

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The Frozen Orange Society Wants Writers!

If you would like to be featured on The Frozen Orange Society, we want the world to hear you! We are NOT LOOKING FOR EXPERTS! We want your story or guidance. Real Stuff and unique points of view.

Here is what we are looking for:

  • Your personal battle story
  • What have you learned through your struggle?
  • What did you…or are you still…struggling with (open ended)?
  • What guided your path to recovery?
  • Reviews on Your Treatment Programs
  • Suggestions, Ideas,Thoughts… whatever you want… as long as its related to a personal experience.
  • Family stories who have dealt with a loved one suffering.
  • Poems, Art, Photography… any form of Creativity that has helped you in your batted with ED

Anyone can submit an original post (no previously published material please). Please include a BIO along with your post and send to INFO@THEFROZENORANGESOCIETY.COM and yes… you can include a link back to your site.