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Dear Yesterday… with Love.

Dear Yesterday,

no matter what
“Make Today the Reason Why you Fought to Survive Yesterday” – The Frozen Orange Society

I felt the need to write to you in effort to put you in my past. So many times before, you have ended in joy, laughter, and a restful sleep…

…but yesterday, well yesterday was different.

Last night as I tried to sleep, I thought too much about you yesterday. I FELT too much about you and it kept me from reenergizing properly today. I was angry and ashamed of my yesterday. I felt disappointed of you. After so many wonderful yesterdays, you failed me.

I spent so much time yesterday, wasted time, thinking about you yesterday. I had so many questions that had gone unanswered. Questions I pondered into late hours, dreading the overflow of disappointment into the morning. Yesterday was quite the struggle, and I hated you for the emotional beating I endured.

Last night I ran through these thoughts over and over…

  • Why did I have to suffer the way I did yesterday?
  • Why did this happen to me?
  • What could I have done differently to avoid yesterday?
  • How badly will this hurt my tomorrow?
  • How do I handle tomorrow?

“How do I rid myself of Yesterday?”

Finally, due in most part to exhaustion, I subconsciously let go of these thoughts, and fell into a deep sleep.

I”t was as simple as that. You were gone.”

This morning I woke and felt the urge to write to you, for now I understand why you were so hard on me yesterday.hand-out

My realization was that not all days can be glorious. Glorious days are given as awards for overcoming obstacles. Bad yesterdays are a sign of progress. They are the new workings of betterment and success. Bad yesterdays are meant to be endured in order to earn glorious tomorrows.

So yesterday, I felt the need to write to you… to say thank you. Thank you for showing me just how much success I have had thus far. I have celebrated success and am ready for more. I know you would have never challenged me if I were not ready for the next step! Yesterday I needed to be challenged in order to reach a higher potential. I know I want to move even closer to my highest potential, and I am so glad you showed me just ho much potential I have.

the frozen orange society change your negative thoughts

A good day yesterday would have only been a sign of unreadiness… but a bad day was the drive I needed to push me further today.

With Love,

Kristen – TFOS



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