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Mental Health Mondays! 3 Steps to Change Your Thought Process and Have a Rockstar Week!

Mental Health Mondays! 3 Steps to Change Your Thought Process and Have a Rockstar Week!

Happy Monday TFOSociety Members!

I know you must be thinking, “What’s got her so chipper on this dreary Monday Morning?” Well friends, the answer is Mental Health Mondays!

#MentalHealthMondays is an initiate I’ve personally taken, and have gone on to preach its concept to everyone I know. Mental Health Mondays is the act of Changing Your Thought Process!

For the quick “cliff note” version, the moral of the story is that MONDAYS DON’T HAVE TO SUCK. In fact, Mondays can be quite invigorating!

“But How?” you ask…

Simple answer: You have to change your thought process. What you think Sunday night will ultimately reflect the kind of Monday will have! Its only 3 Steps, but its 3 extremely effective steps that WORK!


Have you heard yourself thinking these thoughts on Sunday night or early Monday morning?

  • Oh I just hate Mondays!
  • The weekend went too fast.
  • Why can’t it just be Friday already!

Well, these negative thoughts are followed by emotions… the terrible dreading of the upcoming work week… this powerful hatred of Monday… the overall misery or stress… ALL OF THESE emotions will have a negative action to follow!aaeaaqaaaaaaaakpaaaajdg1ywnjndnllwu3nwqtndnhms1inzq0lwi3ngizytiyyzg2oa

THOUGHTS trigger EMOTIONS, which trigger ACTIONS …and ACTIONS trigger OUTCOMES.

Negative Thoughts trigger Negative Emotions, which will trigger Negative actions and ultimately Negative Outcomes!!!

Therefore, the only way to successfully implement #MentalHealthMondays into your life, is to CHANGE YOUR THOUGHT PROCESS!


Ok. Ok now I can hear you again thinking “EASIER SAID THAN DONE KRISTEN!”

Thats why I have compiled a list of 3 Steps to Change Your Thought Process and Have a Rockstar Week!

  • CREATE A WEEKDAY GAME PLAN: Instead of running errands on Sunday or Brunching all day with friends… head home early and create an organized schedule of appointments. Appointments don’t just have to just be literal appointments. Errands can be scheduled into your calendar like appointments, as well as down-time, social events, walking the dog, etc. etc. Plan your week hour to hour. Even if your week doesn’t go as planned, it will still be far more stress-free and productive!
  • GET INTO BED EARLY: Even if you are not tired! You don’t necessarily have to fall asleep right away, but make sure you are in bed early enough to relax your mind and calm down. Watching Netflix is OK if you must, but try to switch off the technology and get some reading done instead. You will find your wired brain slow down quicker than you thought, and reading makes your eyes sleepy : )54e7ab9db05cf
  • MAKE A “WHAT AM I WORKING FOR?” LIST: This is my absolute favorite thing to do to motivate me. I get on my laptop and RESEARCH EVERYTHING… vacation deals, new cars, better apartments, new experiences… basically the things I want to do and have. I also tend to spend some time seeking new career opportunities… higher salary positions and new opportunities that appeal to me. Its essential to keep a “never stop growing” mentality and the research will inspire you to do better and be better!

Now, I know we have already begun our Monday morning, but thats no excuse to put this off until next Sunday! Get started on your lunch break, or this afternoon, or whenever your next down-time appointment is on your calendar : )

Have a Rockstar Week and Happy #MentalHealthMonday!

Recovery Exists.

I am Living Proof.


The Frozen Orange Society 



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