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CAUTION! Why Being Bored is Bad For Your Recovery

Why Being Bored is Self Destructive, and How to Prevent Boredom in your Path to Recovery.

It is through personal and professional experience, that I have learned the negative repercussions of boredom. Having gone through recovery myself, I have undergone numerous setbacks. These setbacks have ultimately resulted in regression back to my Eating Disorder Behaviors and, on multiple occasions, have lead to a full-blown relapse.


I was “getting up and falling down,” over and over again. In time, I began to recognize the patterns and causes of my eating disorder relapse.

I began asking myself these questions:

  • What triggers me to return to my old ED habits?
  • What was I doing at the time of the trigger?
  • Why was I unable to fight and avoid using the Eating Disorder Behavior?

… and there it was. Such grueling questions had very simple answers:

  • Triggers? – Boredom!
  • What was I doing? – Nothing!
  • Why couldn’t I fight the URGE?  – Because I had nothing do. AKA, I wasn’t using any of my COPING SKILLS!

When you are BORED, you are unarmed and susceptible to self-destruction. Avoid Boredom and Practice Relapse Prevention.

So here’s the straight fact: Boredom will lead to Relapse… and non of us want that now do we? Below I have compiled a bullet-list of ways to avoid boredom in your path to Eating Disorder Recovery. Print this list and keep it with you.

How to Avoid Boredom in Your Eating Disorder Recovery

  1. Plan Ahead!!! This is the most important task you must take to avoid boredom andscreen-shot-2011-11-30-at-11-46-38-am ultimately relapse. Plan Ahead. Plan Ahead! I can’t say it enough!
    1. Make a To-Do List the night before.
    2. Organize your to-do list in order of importance.
    3. Schedule your tomorrow on a calendar by taking your to-do list and creating appointments on your agenda. For example: 9am – Arrive at work  / 10-10:15am – Eat your snack / ….. 6pm – write a blog post … etc. etc
  2. Make a Backup or “Reserves List” for empty gaps in your schedule. 
    1. When you have a few hours to spare, instead of listening to the boredom trigger, take out this list and follow through on one!
    2. For example: Get your car washed, take the dog to the groomers, or order gift online to send to a friend for no reason at all. Even pop in on an old friend you havent seen in a while!original_dad-and-child-personalised-hobbies-t-shirts
  3. If your discover too many open spaces in your schedule, find a new hobby!
    1. Is there anything you wish you had done or learned when you were younger? Its never too late to start! For instance, I began taking Piano Lessons!
    2. Drawing a blank? One of my favorite websites to find new ideas and hobbies is
  4. Take SOCIALIZATION and NETWORKING to a whole new level!
    1. Scroll through your “friends list” on Facebook and message some of the people you’ve lost touch with.
    2. Scout Linkedin for new business connections.
    3. Join Meetup and search for networking events and social gatherings that interest you! Join the group and add the next event to your agenda!
    4. Go Out to a Restaurant Alone! Sit at the bar (you do not need to order a cocktail to sit there). The bar offers more of a community and social environment, making it easier for you to feel comfortable there alone, and to get into conversations with interesting (safe) people!call-lane-social

Please Leave Your Own Strategies to Avoid Boredom Below in the Comment Section!

I encourage all of you to leave feedback and IDEAS on ways you avoid boredom in the comments below! Different strategies work different for people, so your suggestions just might help save a fellow Frozen Orange Society Member from relapse!

We are All in This Together!

Recovery Exists. I am Living Proof.

With Love,

Kristen – Founder of The Frozen Orange Society




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