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The Survival Guide to Weight Restoration in Eating Disorder Recovery.

The Survival Guide to Weight Restoration in Eating Disorder Recovery

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Recovery is Hard. Mirrors are Triggering!

Avoid these Avoidable Triggers in order to Avoid a Relapse!

Weight Restoration is your Moment of TruthAre You Ready to KICK ED’S ASS once and for all? Or are you going to let him defeat you… again? 

When you come face to face with ED, he is going to hit you like a ton of bricks. While I cannot fully prepare you for your reaction, I can give you a Survival Guide that will help you avoid the AVOIDABLE TRIGGERS.

Here’s my story,

After spending over a month in sweatpants, my Residential Program told me I was ready to step down to the Partial Program, an 8am – 3pm M-F deal. I finally got to go home.

Boom. Real Life Alert!

While everyone’s recovery is different, there seems to be a common particular moment when ED basically slaps you in the face.

The Elephant in the Room? Weight Restoration.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew it was coming. I heard the words “weight restoration” over and over again from my doctor, dietician, and therapist. I witnessed it through the complaints and tears of fellow residents. I was fair warned. I was literally put on a “weight restoration meal plan,” in which I had agreed to. I was in fact, on board with weight restoring! I

Until it Actually Happened.

I spent day after day doing the work in residential treatment. Discussion after discussion, process group after process group. I thought I was prepared to step back into my life, on the outside. Weight restoration is something I sort of, ignored, during the beginning weeks of recovery. I spent my days in sweatpants, ignoring mirrors… hidden away from the world. In groups we talked endlessly about how my body was NOT the only part of my image that mattered.

I was not prepared.

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Putting on my pre-treatment clothing was the most heartbreaking experience I have ever had. No one can prepare you for the torment that erupts in your head when you come face to face with ED, but I have created a Survival Guide that may help you in your Moment of Truth. 

The shock of Weight Restoration will come. That is a GIVEN… but if you use these tools, they will help you prepare ahead of time and steer clear of certain avoidable triggers.  

The Survival Guide to Weight Restoration

  • Empty Your Closet of Anything Tight. This includes skinny jeans, your little tight black dresses, clingy tops, size XSs, and size zeros if applicable.
  • Don’t Buy Any Expensive New Clothes. Allow your body and your MIND to go through the changes over the next 6 months to a year. Until then, don’t invest in super expensive pieces. Overly-priced clothing will act as triggers… the need
    to fit into them down the road. Forever 21, Target, H&M, even th
    rift shops will suffice! Hit your goal weight, let it settle for a bit, and then go out and splurge!
  • DO Buy Loose Clothing. Thankfully the style is IN! There are tons of adorable tops and bottoms that won’t cling to your hips and thighs. Save the LBD for a time when you are mentally ready.
  • Decline Major Social Events. If you possibly can, avoid weddings or galas where you will need to shop for new clothing or “fit into” your dress.
  • Don’t Shower at Night. Try and shower in the morning when our bodies have gone through the digestive process and we are feeling less heavy. 
  • Create New Living Space. This always helped me during my worse moments. Instead of picking apart my body, I threw myself into a project… like updating my office space, or organizing drawers. The end result is incredibly soothing, and it fixed my urge for perfection.
  • Read Books. TV doesn’t take you into another world like a book does. Books channel your inner imagination… which also distracts you from negative thoughts. One book I will ALWAYS recommend is Life Without Ed, by Jenni Schaefer.

These 4 Books saved my life. You can Buy them on Amazon for the best price at the end of this post.



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