Coping Skills

TFOS’s Ongoing List of Long-Term Coping Skills

So you’ve finally kicked ED to the curb! Can I getta “HELL YEAH!” The whole world is now your oyster! It’s quite difficult to let go of something that has, for so long, consumed 99.9% of your time. Many of us face preceding feelings of confusion and loss once our eating disorder is out of our lives. For so long, we partook in one … let’s call it “hobby,” …if you will, with no time for other activities.TFOS Daily Affirmation Positive Coping SKills

Now is both an exciting and equally scary time for you. It’s time to discover who you really are and what you truly LOVE TO DO. We have compiled an ongoing list… Just to get you started wth your brainstorming…

Here is TFOS’s Ongoing list of Long-Term Coping Skills!

  1. Make Stuff ! Arts and Crafts, more likely than not, already have become a large part of your recovery. Treatment centers love hands-on groups (they give it a fancy name – Creative Expressions). Maybe by now you’ve recognized a passion and mastered a particular craft? If so… Keep it up! It will keep your mind focused and relaxed.
  2. Knit. Now, I know you think its something your grandmother is more likely to do. However, knitting has recently become a majorly popular with the Millennials! Not only does it help easy anxiety witht he repetitive hand movements, but studies show it helps to retain knowledge. College students have taken it up to get through lectures. Make a blanket. That should keep you busy for a while!
  3. Meditation. This shiznit is harder than you think! It also WORKS. Guided meditation is great for beginners. The basic concept is to eliminate all of the negative crap in your head and replace it with a sense of peace and mindfulness.
  4. Volunteer. Giving back is always a major confidence booster. Witnessing the hardships of others also puts your situation into perspective.
  5. Animals. Animals have proven to be amazing therapy for those suffering with Eating Disorders. The ability to care for something else is a self-esteem booster… proving your ability to also care for yourself. Horseback ride, walk your dog (or a neighbors) or volunteer at a shelter. Make a fuzzy friend and you will be back in your happy place in no time!
  6. Adult Coloring Books! Or Kid Ones. Doesn’t matter. This shit WORKS!
  7. Get into a New TV Series. Try not to watch it all at once on a lazy Sunday! Instead, block out times throughout the week to wind down and enjoy!
  8. Or a Movie Series. Geek it out throughout the month with Harry Potter or The Lord of The Rings.
  9. Clean! Or reorganize.
  10. Go Fishing! Boat Included. Ok I know. Your like… “seriously Kristen, FiShiNg?? “But work with me here… no better place NOT to use behaviors then in the middle of a lake or the ocean.
  11. Take up PhotographyNEW to the Trade? Try it for FUN FIRST with this Fujifilm Photography Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera (Pink)
  12. Learn a New Language. 
  13. Plan a Vacation to the place that speaks the new language you learned.
  14. Take a Class. Credit or Non-credit. Learning is amazing for self confidence.
  15. Go to some Meetups! Meetup is like… the best invention ever. Ever.
  16. Plan a Party.
  17. Try a Watersport. Paddle boarding Rocks!
  18. Or a Winter Sport! 
  19. Puzzles. Because they never get old.
  20. Computer Games. In moderation of course! Those damn things can be addicting!
  21. Write. Write. Write. Poetry, short stories, long stories, laundry lists. It doesn’t matter! Write whatever your beautiful heart desires and I promise it will release you.//

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