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The Connection Between Self Esteem, Core Beliefs, and the Subconscious Mind

So here’s the sitch on Core Beliefs and Why its Important to Recognize them!iceberg

Those who are suffering from Eating Disorders can often root their disorders to internal negative Core Beliefs. When it comes to ED, no case is exactly the same… however we do find commonalities. One of the commonalities found in Eating Disorders is the connection between self esteem, core beliefs, and the subconscious mind. The connection shows how low self esteem is a result driven from negative core beliefs, such as worthlessness, self-hatred, feelings of failure, inability, etc. 

When we all popped out of our momma’s bellies, our brand new minds were clear of all influence, information, and illusion…. for about 1 second.

Then POOF! On second #2 of our itty bitty lives, our little brains began the process of receiving messages!

The information absorbed came from the people who surrounded you, and these messages continued to influence and fill your brain as you grew and developed.

The information and messages were in fact, beliefs.

The beliefs you were told by lets say… your parents…were all stored in your brain. Those beliefs were implemented into your parents’ brains when they were small by their parents… and so on and so on.

The messages you stored as a child are actually called  “core beliefs.”

Pay Attention Now!


We All Have 2 Parts to Our Brain

  1. The Conscious Mind: The conscious mind, or “frontal-lobe,” is where all of our day-to-493807day thinking is done. Its the analytical part of the brain and gives you the ability to understand, judge, and make decisions. Most importantly noted, the conscious brain develops as the body develops. Some say that the conscious mind isn’t even fully developed until we hit adulthood (that explains all of those stupid decisions I made in high school)!
  2. The Subconscious Mind: This part of the mind is fully developed the moment we are born. We are born with a fully developed subconscious mind.The subconscious part of the brain is NON-ANALYTICAL and UNFILTERED. It absorbs all information, without the ability to analyze right or wrong!

Because our Subconscious Mind is fully developed the moment we are born… our core beliefs are stored in the subconscious mind!

What this Means: What we learned at a very young age was not analyzed in the premature conscious brain. We were too young to judge between right beliefs and wrong beliefs that were given to us. The subconscious mind, being fully developed from the get-go, was where all of these core beliefs were stored… be it a good belief or bad belief, a true belief, or a lie… its was all stored there!

Here is the Big The Problem With Negative Core Beliefs

The subconscious mind is the ultimate source for all core beliefs. The subconscious mind can think and dig and analyze all it wants, but ultimately, your decision making process will be  based on your old, stored, lifelong, core beliefs.

If these beliefs happen to be limiting beliefs – meaning they are limiting you from having what you want – then they have the power to limit all aspects of your life, including your health!

Based on The Law of Attraction, what you believe is put out into the universe and becomes a reality. Let me repeat again: Beliefs become Reality!

Here is the Scientific Standpoint:

  • Everything in the entire world is made up of energy, including us.
  • We also transmit and receive energy.
  • Energy Vibrates on Frequencies.
  • If we are vibrating on a low frequency, we will attract other things that are also vibrating on a low frequency (negative events).
  • If we are vibrating on a high frequency, we will attract things that are also vibrating at a high frequency.
  • When we have limiting and negative core beliefs, we are ultimately vibrating at a low frequency.

So let me repeat what I said before: Based on The Law of Attraction, what you believe is put out into the universe and becomes a reality. Let me repeat again: Beliefs become Reality!

Solution: Change Your Core Beliefs (aka Subconscious Beliefs)

  1. Recognize Your Negative Core Beliefs! The first step to changing your Core Beliefs is c0a0a846914e7e9d8e3275d9c99696eeto become aware of them! Only when you are able to dig deep down and recognize your core beliefs, will you then be able to process of redirecting them!
  2. Make a Habit of Redirecting Them! The second step is the power of affirmations.

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Xoxo, The Frozen Orange Society




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