Coping Skills


ED Sucks. Yeah he might temporarily numb the pain… but like an hour later… your left feeling crappier than you were before. Feel Urges? Triggers? Heightened Anxiousness? When anxiety-driven behaviors come knockin’ at your door… why not give something else a try?

“Coping Skills for Immediate Results” are incredible tools used in times of distress.

Their purpose roots from the DBT study on Distress Tolerance. These types of Coping Skills work to redirect the brain (aka your current thoughts). By distracting your current thoughts, you can essential block out the negative urges, triggers, anger, anxiety, anxiousness… etc. etc. Immediate Coping Skills are a Mindfulness Practice meaning that they are bringing your mind back into a PRESENT STATE.

Here are some Awesome Positive Coping Skills that may help IMMEDIATELY DISTRACT your mind from Eating Disorder Behaviors!

  1. Make a Playlist: Simply listening to music won’t do. It is too passive and may spiral you into a deeper emotional state. We are looking to distract you. Shop for new music, and create a new playlist.
  2. Paint Your Nails. Self-Care is always a good practice for self-confidence and distraction.painting-fingernails-nail-polish-hearts-valentine-37553-large
  1. Do the Dishes. Or just clean anything! Cleaning provides a sense of accomplishment and discipline – both of which are confidence boosters. Most importantly, its got you working with your hands and focused on the present task at hand.
  2. Organize. Organization takes full focus and is also very rewarding. Clean comfy spaces are huge stress reducers!
  3. Clean out your Inbox. Junk Mail is SO annoying
  4. Unsubscribe from Junk Mail Sites. While you are cleaning out your inbox, scroll to the bottom of each junk email and find the tiny little writing that says “If you do not wish to continue receiving this newsletter, Unsubscribe Here.” – and click on it.
  5. Feel, Hear, See Exercise. This exercise helps you immediately redirect your thoughts. When anxious feelings come, start my naming out loud 4 things you can physically feel. Then name 4 things you can physically hear. Last
    ly, name 4 things you can physically see.
  6. Brush Your Teeth. Brushing your teeth is a physical and positive coping skill. For one, its a great habit to practice regularly (chuckle). Also, it takes enough time to lower anxiety. Lastly, a clean mouth is fresh and healthy… which subconsciously will make you want to be fresh and healthy!brush your teeth to reduce anxiety
  7. Read a Long Captivating Novel. The trick to this particular Immediate Coping Skill is to already be deep into a great book! It will not be as distracting, aka derailing your current thoughts, urges, etc., to start a new book you haven’t gotten into yet. Also, notice I say a Novel, not a short blog or self-help book. A long captivating story works best so you can stay distracted as long as you need to.Reading as a coping skill for ed recovery
  8. The Rhyming Exercise. If you cannot get into a novel, open anything with a paragraph of words. Start from the first word and try to fine a word that rhymes with it… then move on to the next.
  9. Knit. I know its something you can only picture grandma doing, but knitting is a repetitious movement of the hands proven to reduce anxiousness. Studies show it also helps your focus and ability to absorb information. Lots of college students are now Knitting during their lectures… so its not as uncool as you think!
  10. Get Out of the House. Immediately. Grab Your keys or your walking shoes. If you need to process and reflect… choose an outdoorsy nature setting. If you simply need to be distracted… Go to the busiest place you can think of with lots of noise and people watching. Transporting yourself to a new location is Key in postponing, and reconsidering your compulsive thoughts.
  11. Color. You know… those “adult” coloring books everyone’s talking about?
  12. Write. Journal, blog, write on your walls. Whatever works will be better than the alternative.journaling for ed recovery.jpeg
  13. Take photographs. Have a camera close by. Grab your camera and just start snapping away! The desk in your bedroom, the chipmunk outside, the bum in the corner with the tin cup. Who cares. Its not about the pictures as much as it is the ACT of taking them… but hey…chance are not all of the photos will be terrible! You may just discover a new passion!
  14. FROZEN ORANGES! Read More about the Science behind the Frozen Orange Theory for Anxiety.
  15. Focus on Your Breathing. I know its cliche, but slow breathing, for 6-8 seconds and then a slow exhale for 6-8 seconds… WORKS. Do about 5 rounds.
  16. Walk your dog with a badass playlist. Grab your headphones and take the pup for some good ol’ bonding time. Movement (in a healthy manner) and getting out of the house is extremely helpful. Animals are also great therepy. Don’t have a dog of your own? Earn some extra cash by offering to walk your neighbors and friends dogs, or volunteer at your local animal shelter! – thanks for the suggestion from follower @brich11 !


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