Poetry and Self Expression

The Ride: Poetry of Process and Eating Disorders Explained.

This is what an eating disorder looks like and feels like… to me. Also, check out the board on the Official TFOS Pintrest!


My last 10 years have been a ride,

And I’ll admit it’s been,

Such a thrilling ride, that I have chose,

To ride and ride again.

Like a roller coaster climbing high,

And at the top I know,

I’m about to plunge and spiral down,

With many loops to go.

And even though I know the cause,

And just how long it ran…

And even though I knew it ended,

Back where it began…

I guess that I took comfort in,

The numbness I have found.

I’d rather take that ride than face,

My feelings on the ground.

-Kristen Rich

August 23rd, 2016

Written 12 days into recovery. #TFOS


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